get a 401k with impact.

We're creating a new way to invest your 401k in what you believe in (and divest from what you don't).

the top six 401k fund providers control 90% of the market.


all of them are invested in fossil fuels, nuclear weapons, & private prisons.

Scroll to see what's in one of the most popular 401k funds…

VANGUARD Total Stock Market Fund

Now there’s a better option.

We’ve created a new way to give you a 401k that invests in what you believe in. So you can take out the bad and invest in the good...but expect the same returns. 

Because doing the right thing shouldn’t cost you anything ;) 


Tell us what you care about

Choose from a list of values – anything from lowering fossil fuels, to promoting equal pay, or eliminating private prisons. 


Find your true impact

We’ll help you discover what your current 401k is really supporting.


We identify the biggest problems and even look within funds to give you full transparency. 


Invest in what you believe in

Instead of funds, we'll build you a personalized 401k plan that invests in what you care about most – so you can support companies making a positive impact, while also divesting from those causing harm.

Performance of an example ARNIE portfolio against the most popular fund.*

With ARNIE you can expect the same financial performance, but

No private prison operators.

No support for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

No nuclear


No direct contributions to deforestation.

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