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Build a better financial future for yourself and a more equitable & sustainable world with customized investing.

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Arnie is an automated investment advisor that builds you a complete portfolio customized to align with your unique sustainability values.


How does it work? You pick from a range of sustainability and impact topics, then tell us a bit about yourself and your financial situation, and we'll instantly build a diversified portfolio just for you. Customized to a risk level you're comfortable with and reflective of your values.

So you can make an impact, while making money.

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Our tech optimizes trading to increase your potential returns and rebalances automatically, so your portfolio will always stay within the risk level that’s right for you.

Your money will be invested in companies making a positive impact and solving the global problems you care about, while also divesting from companies causing harm.

You own stocks directly (instead of just funds), so you can influence where your money goes. This also helps you avoid fund fees and allows for more effective tax-saving strategies, so you have more money to invest.

You'll be able to choose from the values listed below, so you can customize your investments to what's important to you. 

We’ll build you a diversified portfolio so you can build towards your financial goals.

  • Carbon Neutrality

  • Sources Locally

  • Clean Technology

  • Alternative Energy

  • Regulates Greenhouse Gases

  • Renewable Energy

  • Sustainable Water Use

  • Reduces Deforestation 

  • Decreases Fossil Fuel Reserves

  • Reduces Landfill Dumping

  • Reduces Reliance on Nuclear Power

  • No Genetic Engineering (non-GMO)

  • Adheres to International Environmental Standards & Agreements

  • Green Building

  • Minimizes Chemical Water Runoff

  • Reduces Toxic Chemical Emissions 

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Affordable Housing

  • Education Services

  • Customer Privacy

  • Employee Community Engagement

  • Products are Not Harmful to Human Health and the Environment

  • Does Not Support Dictatorial Governments or Authorities 

  • Labor and Human Rights Requirements for Suppliers

  • Does Not Cause or Support International Conflicts 

  • Workers’ and Human Rights

  • Charitable Contributions

  • Social Finance

  • Nutritious Food

  • Sanitation Products

  • Benefits Healthcare

  • Primary Revenue Not from Alcohol

  • Primary Revenue Not from Adult Entertainment

  • Primary Revenue Not from Gambling

  • Primary Revenue Not from Tobacco

  • Primary Revenue Not from Weapons 

  • Board Ethnic and Gender Diversity

  • Executive Ethnic and Gender Diversity

  • Independent Board

  • Pro-LGBTQ Policies

  • No Discrimination in Pay

  • No Discrimination in Hiring

  • Equal Opportunities to Employees

  • Transparent Workplace Policies

  • Equitable and Living Wage

  • Equitable CEO and Worker Pay Distribution

  • Accurate Financial Reporting

  • Does Not Engage in Predatory Lending

  • Safe Workplace

  • Career Development Opportunities

  • Quality Employee Benefits

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Avoids Major Fines and Legal Violations

  • Follows Laws & Regulations

  • Complies with the UN Global Compact 

  • Pays Fair Share of Taxes

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