make your money work for you and the world.

Our mission is to empower everyone to take part in the global shift from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism.

hold companies accountable


We’re creating a new way to invest in what you believe in, and divest from what you don’t. 


Instead of being stuck in funds with no control over the companies you actually own, we build you a personalized portfolio that owns stocks directly. So you can invest and divest according to what you care about most. 


We help you discover what issues you’re inadvertently supporting, and then redirect your money in a better way.

how does it work?

You can invest in things like lowering fossil fuels and equal pay, and divest from gun manufacturers, private prisons, and top carbon emitters –  all while maintaining financial performance. 


Your money will be invested in companies making a positive impact and solving the global problems you care about, while also divesting from companies causing harm.


Tell us what you care about

Choose from a list of values – anything from lowering fossil fuels, to promoting equal pay, or eliminating private prisons. 


Link your accounts

We’ll help you discover what your investments are really supporting.


We identify the biggest problems and then move your money out of funds and into companies directly. 


Invest in what you believe in

Instead of funds, we'll build you a personalized portfolio that invests in stocks  directly – so you can support companies making a positive impact, while also divesting from those causing harm.

The nitty-gritty


Our tech optimizes trading to increase your potential returns and rebalances automatically, so your portfolio will always stay within the risk level that’s right for you.

You own stocks directly (instead of just funds), so you can influence where your money goes. This also helps you avoid fund fees and allows for more effective tax-saving strategies, so you have more money to invest ;)

We’re creating a new way to invest in what you believe in (and divest from what you don’t).

Full list of values


Carbon Reserves

Oil & Gas

Coal & Natural Gas

Sources Locally

Clean Technology


Greenhouse Gases


Renewable Energy


Sustainable Water Use




Fossil Fuel Reserves


Landfill Dumping


Green Product Innovation


Chemical Water Runoff


Toxic Chemical Emissions


Energy Efficient


Sustainable Packaging


Sustainable Supply Chain


Invests in Local Community


Customer Privacy


Community Engagement

Militarization of Border

Private Prisons

Prison Industrial Complex

Military & Nuclear Weapons

Gun Manufacturers

Cluster Munitions & Landmines


Products Harmful to Human Health and the Environment


Labor and Human Rights Requirements for Suppliers


International Conflicts


Workers’ and Human Rights


Charitable Contributions


Social Finance


Nutritious Food


Affordable Healthcare


Responsible & Honest Marketing




Adult Entertainment






Board & Executive Racial and Gender Diversity


Diversity and Inclusion Policies

Pro-LGBTQ Policies


Pay & Hiring Discrimination

Equal Opportunities for Employees


Transparent Workplace Policies


Equitable and Living Wage


Equitable CEO and Worker Pay Distribution


Accurate Financial Reporting


Safe Workplace


Career Development Opportunities


Avoids Major Fines and Legal Violations


Pays Fair Share of Taxes


ESG Reporting and Transparency